You can find the article here.

I’m posting the comments because lately, MTV is censuring fans to expose their opinions.

Which they (Teen Wolf) consider the opinions “outrageous”. In fact fans have always been honest with the show. So the TWPR team are deleting comments and taking articles down. Better be safe than sorry, so I’m posting the comments. 

You never know right?
edit: I’m updating my twitpic with more comments

As blood-boiling as I found the article itself, I have to hand it to the fandom for calling it out on it’s shit.

A+ fandom. I’ma buy you a beer.

@CrystalmReed: I cant compose a tweet to express my feelings. I Love you all so dearly.

I’m yours, and I’m not yours.


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i woke up like dis

everyone is focusing on how cute blue’s dancing is but tbh jay-z’s face when he notices her is my favourite part